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To ensure your safety we went the extra mile.

We manage our hygiene standards in a data-driven protocol to make sure you are in a safe & clean environment every second you stay with us. With Hygienezone, we maintain top-notch hygiene standards and stay compliant with government-issued guidelines as well as WHO recommended hygiene practices in real-time basis.

Guest Hygiene protocol

Everyone passing our doors are properly sanitized. We maintain a checklist per each guest not to miss a single activity. Also, we measure and track body temperature accurately via hygienezone application. This allows us to precisely understand even a slight increment of human body temperature. In case of any alert condition we isolate the guest and recheck temperature to make sure no ill person will pass through our quality gates. During the checkout also we do check the temperature to make sure guests comes in healthy and goes out healthy. In an event of any alert condition, we run deep disinfection activities to clean guest room as well as all touch points immediately.

Common area hygiene protocol

Our common areas & common touch points are regularly disinfected and tracked accurately. We maintain a checklist to a very granular level, such as every single doorknob is disinfected and tracked separately. This ensures you can comfortably enjoy our facility with confidence.

Guest room hygiene protocol

We disinfect guest rooms with attention to detail. And we do make sure all surfaces are been disinfected before and after each occupancy. With Hygienezone mobile application our staff never misses a thing. Our effort is to bring you the “at home” confidence during your stay with us.

Each one of our staff members are part of the hygienezone protocol. Collectively all of us at Atulya Villas ensures that we keep you safe every minute you stay with us with the use of hygiene-tech. is an independent organization which make sure hotels keep up to highest level of hygiene standards and comply with all government-imposed guidelines as well as WHO standards to ensure guest safety and hygiene.